Oscars 2010: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

For some odd reason, I seem to always end up watching the prime time award shows (stuck in a home with no cable). Since 2010 has begun, I think you can tally up my wasted life hours to about 58- due to trivial award shows alone. But unlike all the others award shows, the Oscars were particularly boring and long. It was like 1am when they wrapped up this past Sunday's shenanigans. However, in the hell hole that is "rich people giving each other awards"....this little dance montage to the music scores of Oscar nominated films was a breath of fresh air. The only part I was a little confused about was the section fthat represented "The Hurt Locker." Now....I have not seen the movie, but was their popp'in and lock'in involved the deadly military feat of defusing of bombs in Iraq????

More Oscar coverage to come....

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