Cartoon Smart Toon: Ode to a Bunny.

It's been awhile since I did a Cartoon Smartoon on Throwback Thursday. But this week is dedicated to the genius that was Warner Bros, Bug's Bunny. Yep....cross dressing, Elmer Fudd fighting, Carrot eating Bug's Bunny. We aren't going too far back in the archives, cause frankly...things get a little racist and mean. But the few snippets below should put you in the mood for my dissertation that will follow.

Those are just some of the prime examples of classic Bug's Bunny. Smart and in all actuality, very highbrow when you think about the intended audience. To say I grew up on Bugs and his shenanigans would be and understatement. And when you look at these cartoons as a grown up, you really start to recognize just how genius it was. There's a sense of timing, comedy and production that would make Alex Bogusky and James Cameron combined, just a tad jealous. The subtle nuances with in all of the three videos above. The facial expressions. The sync of action to score. Character development. It's kinda amazing, no?

Anyway. That's it. Those three clips above....amazing. Especially the Rabbit of Seville clip.


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