Morning Inspiration: This too Shall Pass.

So I wasn't feeling all that into it today. On the train this morning I started reflecting (which I never do= scary). I'm tired. I feel over worked/under appreciated. I was talking to a buddy last night about how when people ask "Whats new?," I literally dont have anything to tell them. Nothing is new. My life for the past few months has been bankrupt of "new". Mechanical. Void of experiences out side my 6x 6 cubicle. I spend most of my hours at work, just getting home in time to sleep and do it all again. My weekends consist of catching up on sleep and therefore missing out on life. I know that this is what your 20s are for, but I have literally never been so void of life before. And when I do want to plan to do something....I have to struggle to pay for it. So needless to say, I was in a funk.

So I sat down in the same expensive office chair I had seen only hours ago (yep, working on a Sunday), and logged into my Lala account after reading an article on Eryka Badu's crazy ass album cover. I decided that eccentric Badu would not cut it. I clicked the similar artist link, and the song below is the first thing that popped up. I've bee listening to it on repeat for the last hour. And I feel better. So I thought I'd put you on...you know, if you too were in a morning funk. Plan and simple....this too shall pass.

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