Oscars 2010 Review.

This is becoming somewhat of a common thing to do. As usual, I will highlight the few part of an award show (the Oscars 2010) that caught my eye and/or I remember--and that's saying alot, cause this show was like 5 hours long. Here's a list of the winners. Let's get into it...and then get out.

-There are alot of haters out there taking jabs at Zoe Saldana's dress. Just to clarify for all those normal women sipping on the hater-aid, the confusion lies in the fact that you, yourself are not hot enough to pull the look off. Dont project....

-Charliz Theron let the world know of her love for Cinnamon buns.
And that's cool.

-Remember when Ben stiller dressed up like an Avatar in a tux and presented an award for a category that Avatar wasn't even nominated for? Very funny. James Cameron didn't even crack a smile. Dude your are rich-learn to laugh at yourself.

- Certified Pros Thoughts hot chic Amanda Seyfried showed why she made the list.
Big Love...that's what she said.

- As it turns out Bea Author and Farrah Faucet are not dead.

- I love a good JLo booty shot as much as any one else, but the bubble wrap dress was not flattering to any curve of her body. And if I were there...I wouldve been trying to pop bubble the whole night.

- George kept shooting looks like the one above at the camera Sunday night. I kinda wish I knew him in person. He seems cool.

- So that explains why the hosts were so bad. Besides that part where Steven Martin called Sarah Jessica Parker anorexic. Did anyone else catch that?

- And finally, I had to search long and hard for this one....but Christina Hendricks breast did indeed watch the Oscars. I couldn't bear talking about and award show and NOT mention them...I mean her.

That's it. Back to out regularly scheduled programing.

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