Oh Please....do tell.

".... a British "tampon alternative" brand called the Mooncup is collecting women's pet names for that part of the anatomy—giving American companies a trove of euphemisms to use. Check out the hundreds of submitted names at LoveYourVagina.com. "

Go deep (into information about Mooncup) here. Apparently it's suppose to be a replacement to tampons. My life long quest of finding out everything there is to know about tampon use, yet not physically seeing or experiencing it....has no answers here. I did not know there was an alternative-not that I should. But it's cute how they are blindly hiding the not too exciting/appealing facts about the female menstrual cycle with a cute name contest. Just when you thought Nuvo Ring was the only option in the world thanks to their media buying tactics.....the Brits hit us with a Vagina game. Chip chip cherrio.!!!

VIa adfreak


Jazmin said...

Only on ProsThos can I find out about the hottest new feminine care products on the street.

shaun. said...

you are welcome.