Waving Flag. K'Naan.

K'NAAN "Waving Flag" -Celebration mix- Dir: NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Not sure who K’Naan’s is. But his his single “Wavin’ Flag” was chosen as the official anthem of the Coca-Cola 2010 World Cup ad according to kiddunot. Not that Coke is a perpetrator of this, but it's nice to see ethnicity embraces on a national level. Football is a gigantic world sport, and the World Cup- though I don't watch football-is a big deal. Side note, this video directed by Nabil, who also directed Kanye’s “Coldest Winter” video.

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Kavisa said...

Dude! I'm disappointed you don't know who K'naan is download his albums 'Troubadour' and 'The Dusty Foot Philosopher' NOW. I absolutely love him. I wish I could play his song "What's Hardcore?" for all those hip-hop artists and wanna bees in America. What's really hardcore is life in Somali.