Why being a Super Hero isn't so Super.

Check out this post on Afrojacks. It's a brief look at some of our favoritt heros and why thier live might not be as cool as we think it is. It covers everything from personality disorders to color blindness. Here, I'll wet your whistle with the first one.

Why his life seems awesome: As the leader of the X-men, Cyclops gets to command a team of demigods in spectacular fights against their enemies while shooting colorful death out of his eyes. That and bone Jean Grey – and you KNOW she has to get freaky with that telekinesis bit of hers.

Why it’s not: Cyclops is basically colorblind. When he doesn’t have that protective headgear on, Cyclops has to keep his eyes closed. Otherwise he risks turning the local nursery into a smoldering pile of sorrow with his laser vision. The only way he is able to see is through a special pair of goggles, which in almost every incarnation of “X-men” are of a red tint. This logically means Cyclops can only see the world in a constant shade of red, which is actually worse than regular colorblindness.

Of course colorblind people can still lead exciting lives full of sex and gratuitous violence, but for someone in Cyclops’ position the ability to discern between colors seems somehow necessary. For piloting the X-men plane for example, or even recognizing the enemy.

Besides that, Cyclops will never truly enjoy a movie, a clear blue sky or the calming sight of a beautiful winter landscape. To him the entire world is constantly bathed in blood.

Now...I was never a real fan of cyclops. I'm more of a Gambit type of guy, but coloblindness does suck giant balls. Think about it, he could never quit and get into the design business. It must be a b*tch making sure his cloths match. And perhaps the most disturbing part of it all....he can never enjoy a 3-D movie. Avatar....useless.

See more sad super heros here. I wonder if you have to pay taxes if your a super hero.

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