The Linkdown: I'm still here.

1. Body paintorgies in the name of fashion. Shoe fashion, to be exact.

2. Al Queda vs. Healthcare...or lack there of.

3. Texts that disappear when you want? Also known as...a cheater's dream.

4. Drake/Wheel Chair Jimmy makes an appearance in this month's issue of GQ. He is wearing button downs. Wow.

5. This one is for the ladies! Or is it for the men?

6. Johnny Weir is as fabulous off the ice, as he is on it. But unfortunatly, he is missing the glitter.

7. Someone needs to point me to the girl who likes her condoms......rust, rail grate-ribbed.

9. Ewww, you better get on it! Vogue has an official Black (African America) franchise. Meet, VOGUE Black.

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