In the Mean Time...(Put it in A Love Song).

So, there is alot of hype on the street about one of Alicia Key's new single, "Put it in a Love Song" featuring Beyonce. It is the pre-proclaimed song of the summer. Now.....when I say "song of the summer" I mean, whatever gets the ladies off their asses and on the dance floor. And to be honest....that's usually a Beyonce song. But, since the premier of the video has been postponed, youtube patrons have made their own little version....you know, to feel in the current void on the airwaves, of "women asking men to do things repetitively, with a catchy beat behind it." (eg Put a Ring on It, Pay My Bills). I blame Beyonce. Check out the funny-ish...slightly gay (lower case, not upper case) video below.

It might be a parody, but I'm willing to bet, that the real video....is pretty similar. Minus the horrible drag. There will probably be very good drag.

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