The Linkdown.

1. Education is apparently so low on the tote tem pole...that biology teachers have to make mock rap songs to reach children.

2. I knew Miss Piggy was slutty.

3. A flowchart to whether you should cook after a night of drinking (I definitely almost burnt the house down one night trying to make spaghetti)...so I already personally know my answer.

4. New....Twilight Eclipse Poster. (I know at least one girl who just read that, peed a lil bit in her pants.)

5. Meg, from Family guy...in real life. Sad.

6. Kim, from Real House Wives of Atlanta is a lesbian. Yawn.

7. Alexander McQueen's final collection. I dont think I properly gave him props when he died- R.I.P to a creative genius in his own right.

8. The 13 Most Annoying Ad Characters of all time. 13, was not enough.

10. In Tokyo, it's ok to make How-to fellatio posters, staring toddlers. As long as their cartoons. America is so lame.

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Craig Brimm said...

that McQueen collection is sick!!! dude was nice.