Covering March.

I'm almost positive that Ive posted this cover already. But it's my blog. SO you have to deal. Hottness.

Did they just call a kid a cross dresser?

Kirsten Dunst hasnt been cute since "Interview with a Vampire."
Michael Douglas, I mean this with the upmost respect....take your old ass back to Bermuda. It's called retirement.

You see....I knew all along that Jack from Will and Grace was gay in real life. He was too good an actor. Lol.
You better go ahead and get your career going. F*ck those other Mean Girls hoes...

Stunning cover.

Shaun White. I'm not sure why everyone dislikes him. But he spells his name right...so he's ok in my book. Granted, he is a day walker.

Dont call it a comeback. Oh wait....do.


Anonymous said...

'Shaun' is an Irish Gaelic name and the correct spelling is Seán; always gets under my skin when its spelt any other way in the US and UK :)

shaun. said...

But were to sound it out....