The Linkdown.

1. You really can't do this to New Yorkers. Photo oops mean terrorist attacks. I mean...I came home yesterday and sprayed my hands with Lysol (*Swine Flu on the Subway*).

2. Speaking of Swine Flu....track that sh*t with google maps. Trust me, I've looked up my neighborhood.

4. Whoops, never mind. I'm not  Republican anymore. "X-X-DOT-DOT, now I've got my cuddies (sp?) shot."

6. Blockbusters knows how to keep their sales up (aka giving up). 

8. Pepsi...you gotta choose sides. I'm not even into baseball, and even I have a team.

9. Megan Fox (one of the hottest chicks ever), apparently had some ribs taken out

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L said...

photo oops hahahahha thats funny