sorry yall

On Tuesday night begged my roommate to go out with me to this open bar i was invited to.
First, only the best parties happen on the weekdays (not including Friday).
Second, no one ever wants to go out with me on a week night because of their job the next morning.
Third, it is so hard to find a place that's hosting an openbar for 2+ hours anywhere in this city.
Fourth, its top shelf liquor (im not going to an open Smirnoff bar!).
Fifth, this place is too exclusive, so i had to go.

So i got sick! hahahha... and i even went to work, but.... had to leave early cause i was too ill. so finally last night around 11 i remembered that it was humpday. Now that i think about it, its funny cause yesterday was humpday and i was humped over yaking. (LOL... gross, i know)

Today is Throwback Humpday Thursday.
tunes that they used to hump to yesteryear.

4/29 humday

1. I FUCKIN LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! reminds me of one time back in chicago at a karaoke bar. I put on a great performance. wireless mic= more room to roam around the bar.
2. DUH... of course.
3. "...Then I kissed your lips And you tuned on my fire, baby..." one of the best duets ever. I love teena marie.
4. i fall in love just listening to this one.
"It ain't too bad the way you usin' me Cuz I sure am usin' you to do the things you do"--- that's right. don't get big headed thinking your the only one having fun.
6. talk about being used. this guy is just beggin for it.-- i say "Okay"
7. love brenton wood...
9. this shouldve be in my first playlist. "but i know you not gonna sing that SONG!"
10. reminds me of the sex and city ep when carrie judges the firemen.
11. added this one for giggles.

thats all.


shaun. said...

"i was humped over yaking"


shaun. said...

btw...i love this series