The Epic Battle between Hair and Dandruff.

This spot is awesome. It is something I would've thought up in portfolio school, and my sarcastic copywriter would let me ramble and then snap his finger at met and tell me to get focused. The voice over dude made this spot.

"From black into darkness, shadows see follicles bent and broke and slivers of sparks as dark and dandruff collide. Rage, rage against her breath of fear! Now frozen, silence marks the danse macabre. And into the dark, the icy blackness follows.

It's story telling at its best. I enjoyed that it was long. I enjoyed the ethereal feel to it. All that was missing were...you guessed it, dragons. If it had dragons...I would relive this spot in my dreams. Oh...and magic.

Is it bad that I was kinda rooting for the dandruff creatures. Also, I would like to clarify, that this battle is not accuring on everyones head. My hair is moisturized as hell...but to you lucky bastards who had this war taking place on your scalps, you are kinda like....a god or something. Awww sh*t, my brain just got blown.

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Anonymous said...

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