Social Change...this ones for the LADIES.

This is a spot for a new dutch cider called Jillz, which is mysteriously made by Heineken. It's campy and I like that. The reference to 90's boy bands is entertaining enough. But wait...there's more. The agency who made it, Pink and Poodle, there is some type of social change message behind it.
"In advertising for men, seductive females are almost standard issue, whereas male eye candy for women is still somewhat taboo....This is because the advertising community is still in the firm grip of unrelenting alpha males. In the commercial, which is shot as a music video, the four singing hunks do not address women as the usual stereotypes of housewife, sex kitten, blonde bimbo or business bitch. Instead, the ad aims at a more elementary level of their femininity—the evolutionary instinct to discuss, judge and select attractive men."

Leave it to the Dutch to provide social change through a minute spot. What do we think about this ideal? I see tons of woman in advertising. Are we buying this? Do we really believe that the only reason we aren't bamboozled with the likes of naked men in ads is because alpha men run the advertising world. Sex sells (so they say). But does sex sell-the same way-with women? I'll admit it...about 30 seconds in, I got uncomfortable/self conscience. Do they have a point? Or is this all deja vu. What do you think? If you are Dutch...keep your opinions to yourself. 

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