Be a White Sox Fan...save a Bear.

Today's person of the day is Ashley Swendsen. She was hiking (problem number one) somewhere in Colorado Springs. She is 6 months pregnant. She was chased by a brown bear.

"I heard a rustle. I looked behind me and it was a bear--2 feet away," says Swendsen, "I freaked out and start running. It was chasing me for about 20 seconds."

She made it to the street. And then she got hit by a car. I know...it's wrong to laugh, especially with a potentially harmed fetus and all....but come on. This is like something straight from one of those spoof movies. You know right after she got stuck in the doggie door of a garage door and then someone made the door go up and it killed her. All the while, a purposely stereotypical black man with horribly sown in dreds witnesses the entire thing and says something like..."DYNOMIIITEE." Oh yeah...and Carmen Electra is involved somehow. Yes...I'm a visual man.

But anyway, the bear has since been caught and euthanized (as if it was it's fault she decided to go hiking). The car that hit Swendsen committed a hit and run. She and the unborn child are ok. Swendsen's response when she heard that the bear had to die "We're going to name the middle name of our baby, 'bear.''"

**side eye**

Someone has to take some responsibility here. Maybe if she didn't wear that cubs hat....

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