The New Star Trek.

We could play, guess who that young budding actor/actress (and in some cases, who have been trying to bud for years like...that Center Stage girl (black ballerina...yeah ok, but still kinda cute) and Harold (sans Kumar), and this guy and then there's that other kid who looks like the perpetual boy...perfect for pedophilia). It's like a giant game of "Don't I know You." But I'm not a Star Trek fan, which I think I've told you before. It's just that every time I see a commercial for this new Trek film....I get a tingly feeling in that part of my head that causes me to make rash and under developed movie watching decisions that always cost $12 or more. 

Anyway....it looks cool. It's going to be way over my head. But at least it looks cool. Did I say that already?

And if all of this wasn't enough for you Trek fans out there....here, go ahead Trek Yourself.

The End. 

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