Aussie Ads. (Aussie Loves day Kids).

"The Australian Childhood Foundation, via ad agency JWT Melbourne, placed these suffocated child mannequin pieces in high foot-traffic areas around the city to raise awareness for neglected young ones. After an undisclosed period, the fake kids were torn loose (or stolen by pedophiles?), revealing the message “Thank you for seeing me.”

Oh Australia! Creepy ads can only go down in the place down under. Check out their website,
where you can see a spot of Aussie parents thanking you for looking the other way. I must say...I get it. It's shocking on purpose. But imagine it being 8am in the morning and you getting off your train with barely enough concentration/perception to sip your coffee while standing, and you see a child stuck behind a poster board? Depending on the day of the week, I may try to save the kid and call 911 in the process. But maybe it's just me. There's a prop on top of a prop on top of a prop. And that makes it...too prop-py and hence, ridiculous. But that's just my opinion. And then you pair all of that with a smiley face logo?....whap whap.  

Nice try though. 

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