Intimates for Men.

So i was buying underwears online.... ok, so I wasn't. What man shops for underwear online? 

Let's talk about buying men's underwear, shall we. Now I know there is a market for manties and such things. My friend sent this ad to me to provide a laugh. And in all honesty, it made me nervous. You are talking to someone who gets uncomfortable in the underwear section of H&M. My underwear purchasing life motto, why embarrass yourself when you can buy them 3 in a pack anywhere in the world

Nasty Pig?  Just Us Boyz? N Heaven? I don't want to be all "I Am Man, Hear me Roar" but personally speaking, I think Fruit of the Loom is too risqué of a purchase. But I must admit...I would  love to see the list of the brand names that didn't make the cut. A few simple rules: 1. Unless you are over 70, classic underwear briefs are unacceptable. 3. And unless you are in college or below, boxers with hearts on them are unacceptable. 3. Silk is overrated. 

Just my opinion. I'm signing out now, because this blog post makes me uncomfortable. 

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