im going to start huMpday every wed, every week.

first up... Jodeci
this is def a huMpday song.

oh yea and one time i was at a concert, one of those winter jams the radio stations (in this case KIIS Los Ange) do, that all the teeny boppers and young ones go to. K-Ci and JoJo were performing (this was the time when they had that one hit song in the late late 90's after jodeci). Well jojo got really into his performance was feenin on stage and pulled down his pants, revealing his dick. then all the mothers grabbed their kids and ran out the shrine auditorium... i was like what do you expect? I expected that. if your pants are already that low and you got some huMpable music playing then those pants are gonna eventually be on the ground. Okay!

thats all.

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shaun. said...

this is a good idea.