Every Father's Nightmare.

Picture this: The precious dumpling of your life has finally reached the ripe age of 18. She has gone from pampers to pigtails to plastic jewelry to meandering with the likes of hormone-driven, booby touching, internet porn watching boys- yuck. And you have been there every step of the way guiding and coaching her toward attributes like self worth and strength. It's her big night...Prom Night. The last chance for her to show her maturity and present herself to the world as a semi-adult (also the last chance for her to loose her V-Card before going off to college). All dads are aware of the impeding implications of prom night. We were there. We helped plan the after party. We brought the booze to sneak into the limo. We rented the room from the left over tuxedo money. We....you....know the deal.

And as you wait at the bottom of the stairs...death staring an eighteen year old child that is holding a box with a frozen flower in it....your lovely daughter rolls out of her pink room in this....THE SWEETHEART PROM DRESS.

Good day.... and goodnight.

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