care bear.

if you were a care bear, what would be your name?

keep in mind that the care bear stare is a regular routine....so don't half ass your decision/choice. and be creative for christ's sake.

Mine would be black power bear.......

and yours? (i dont really care, but would like some input, i guess)


Steve said...

I would be hippie bear, according to my idiot colleagues.

Anonymous said...

dancin bear and i would be a brown bear ( cause brown girls can dance, or i least i can )

and i would have a disco balll on my stomach.

Anonymous said...

and heels on and a microphone, since i know all the words to the good songs.

and an icy bracelet that will make them others bears go "damnnnnn"

Butt Floss Ross said...

I think I would the little worn bear with one button eye left, hanging by a thread and some of my stuffing starting to show through seams. Because I'm so loved. hahahahahaahaahhaha. juuuuust keeding.