blessed assurance.

I realize that what I am about to say only adds to my blasphemous blogging ways, but last night I was literally. Literally touched by the baby Jesus.

How could I be so lucky? Why me? When?

Well, I had the most delicious hot-damn Chinese food I have ever had in this freakin town. Yes. Yes. Yes. God has finally shined his light on me...it was completely NY Chinese food. Best take out meal I have had since I moved here. I couldn't stop eating. I layed there afterword in comatose on the couch...thinking about a weekly scheduling process. Completely Americanized,I knew the moment I walked into that shanty place, when they had chicken wings and pork fried rice...I was about to experience a miracle.

And it was. Filled with grease. Not a thai noodle in sight. No stupid sushi. This is America and they served me american chinese food. Praise Allah. Budda. The Apostles and the Saints. This is a sign, that I belong. I can actually live in this city now. Decent Chinese food. All I need now is some ox tail and spanish rice.

And they were nice Chinese people. Nothing like the ones in NY.


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