Personally Speaking.

as I sit here watching Last of the Mohicans, catching up with my friends across the US via social networking and procrastinating my inevitable ad making life situation, I have had some time to reflect. What have I done with this Sunday so far....well, I woke up kinda late, after dancing the night away. Went food shopping. Made myself some breakfast (the most beautiful looking eggs ever) whilst listening to some gospel. Sub-came to self induced Spa treatment. And then I read a few verses from the book of Psalms.

Yet no matter how perfect this day has been, and how saintly it seems. I am not this man normally. In actuality, I am a man of very few admirable qualities. The rest of me is comprised of single child selfishness, waning interests, and predictability.

the following about myself.....is true. Not Admirable but true.

I live by interest, and interest only. and my interests change daily.
I get bored easily. If I feel actual boredom..I will indeed detach myself from the situation
I am easily annoyed.
I hold grudges like a champ.
I respond to unfavorable actions towards me, with rash and inappropriate responses. And I rarely apologize.
If I do not like something, I change it....or I cause it to change-no questions asked
I have very low tolerance for disrespect
I am pretty ignorant, and may say alot of the ignorant things that come to my mind.(this is usually a bad thing)

So, I do know my faults. And now you know them too. Consider yourself forewarned when dealing with me. . But know this... I am fun. And to be truly honest, if anything, I can always make you breakfast...with some delicious motha-fuckin eggs.

On a side note. Does anyone know where I get one of those sit up pillow seats for my bed?


Mo said...

you should get a posture-pedic bed like you're 75 years old. you can watch matlock in it and write checks for 75 cents to your grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

dont get it. they are not cute and will only get in your way. esp in your closet. i mean bedroom

sHaun lives here. said...

people got jokes i see.

Anonymous said...

you can get one at bed bath and beyond. if you're a girl. really though, don't buy it. you'll be too too tall for it anyway.

- someone really wise, like harriet tubman

sHaun lives here. said...

is it still girly...if its decorated with, lets say skulls and football helments?

I'm asking Harriet Tubman ofcoarse