Look at you in that sleak white shell.

Let us, discuss. The new little guy that has come into my life (sans conception and child support).

I considered myself a little bit of a grown up for the past few months. And by grown up, I mean I began parting my hair in the right direction and shining my shoes without the use of spit and elbow grease (highly overrated). But most importantly, I gave up the "head phones in the ear, everywhere i go" look. And by gave up, I mean my old ipod broke. And by broke, I mean died. So, I began flying my daily commutes, solo (wingmanless)...in solace and anger.
Until last Sunday, drunken with sleep but unable to take advantage of it, I ordered a refurbished ipod NANO (second gen). I signed the back, entered my billing info and clicked submit. The next morning, experienced the worst buyers remorse ever. I wanted to call Steve Jobs up on his personal line, and ask him to cease and desist. And this all comes back to my current belief in realationships. Ups and downs, downs and ups. Having an ipod is like buying a puppy. You get HOOD WINKED. It's like a girl not telling you she's pregeres until its illegal to abort, and then you spend the rest of the six months trying to encourage her to take the stairs. But, mostly...the remorse stems from the fiscal blow to my bank account. Arghhhhhhh.

That is, until this little boy came in the mail. :)

I can honestly say that I have never been so much in love.
They accidently sent me the NEW nano. And In only 1/2 a day, one daily commute (one walk and a train ride,) my hatred for the self destructive apple product line as a whole, has completely diminished. "How much so," you ask. Well, lets say I tread lightly, around all possible obstacles, or i TAKE THEM ON. This guys is so little, I now fear the little things in life...like morning commute elbows and stepping on and off the elevator. The gap in between is absolutly deadly and fearsome. I've even bidded and won, on ebay for a case (and everyone knows that ebay blows my mind and I fear its power). And, I also had to kill a bum today. Because he was looking at me the wrong way...and even though I usually pick the latter of fight vs flight....I had to teach my little guy about courage and fortitude.

All-in all. I am finally happy. I've put away the books and the newspapers....all that current update crap and proactive self betterment....it's gone. it's back to the good ole days of me and my ipod. Against the world. Ignorance is bliss, but mobile music, is gold.

RIP Maximus......welcome Lil Thoedore. Theo.

This is dedicated to you...Theo.
"Though nothing, will keep us together...we can still try, just for one day. We can be heros, forever and ever....we can be heros, forever and ever....cause IiIIIIiiiiIIIIII....IIII...will alway love youuuuuuuuuuu. How....won..der...ful..life is, now your in, the world."


And if you were wondering. Yes. You just did waste 5 minutes of your time reading about my ipod. Yep.


Anonymous said...

ok, you just mixed bowie, whitney houston and louie armstrong lol

i cannot believe apple made a mistake. that is incredible. steve jobs is totally come repo it lol. i hope he doesn't, but you should maybe...change your name lol


sHaun lives here. said...

2 words...moulin rouge.

and...i've already changed my name. this blog will no longer legally exist as if 6am central time.

Anonymous said...

ps - solace means comfort. or relief. i'm sorry i had to say it. i'm an english major.