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Mid-October update.

Uninspired. I've decided that this year, halloween will mean nothing to me. You see, I've had this on and off again relationship with this holiday and this year I had a good solid plan for a costume. I WAS going to be scooby doo. Like, real home made Scooby Doo. But, in light of recent events....I have lost all interest in doing anything halloween related. I hope to be in bed, in my room for 7 days straight until the "cant go out unless your dressed as something" craze is over and done with.


The Big Apple. On another note...I miss NY again. This is the same feeling I had before I slid down that slippery hill of depression this summer, granted I don't have the same catalysts looming on my shoulder. But I do miss my parents. And my friends. Actually, everyday...I wish I could just go out on the town with a different friend of mine. I'm kinda getting bored of the monotony here in Chicago. Always doing the same thing...with the same people. Never anything out side of the box. I hang with alot of people who don't like to make clear and decisive choices unless someone else does it for them. Yet, they dont really want to do anything out of the bow so............. There's always beer pong or an Irish pub involved. Eh.......... It really isnt as bad as it seems. I guess I'm starting to feel stuck. Working for money to survive. Not as much school (so no clear physical hope or goal). Just work and back home for prime time.


I miss NY. The Diversity of it. Facebook reminds me everyday of what I am not doing and seeing. Am Im not that much of a social butterfly, that I would go out and talk to strangers...so, yeah. Stuck. And winter is on its way. OH BOY! (Sarcasm). BTW, not coming home for Thanksgiving. Thank you job.

Hair update. So, we have passed that embarrassing point of the process, where I look like a homeless person everyday. Now I have somewhat of a manage of this thing that is growing on the top of my head. It's basically a hodge podge of hair grease patted down with a du-rag. I enslave it all week long and then I let it free during the weekend. Hair slavery if you will. "Whatch ur name boy....." "Kunta.....Kunta Kente"

Old GOOD Habits. The shopping spirit has once again been bestowed upon my life. The addiction had flared. Everyday...and I mean every day, I fight not to go to the store and buy myself something new. Just bought a new pair of jeans. Recently...I want these mid calf boot fro Aldos . I've got a few sweaters at the gap that I have said in my mind that I NEED. I want a blazer for the fall....not that I go anywhere anymore to show off, but I still want it non-the-less. You see, I am going through yet another life change.

Highschool=Hip Hop/Prep School.

Early College=Complete Hood...but still classy

Late College= Grown Up fitted/Preppy

Now= Clean / Neosoul

Which means, hello H&M and Urban Outfitters. Manpress is no longer of my list of "good stores". The problem is...everytime i go to Urban Outfitters there stuff is way too trendy for me. I can never bring myself to buy anything from there. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I need and am getting a new ipod very very soon.

Life Lights: I am growing a sufficient hate for rich people and their skewed version of reality they live in/I watched An American Tail a few nights ago.....what a good cartoon/I HATE MY JOB/Vertical Stripes Rule My Life/ Got mistaken, yet again in Chicago, for some other black guy/I am official back to my weight range in college...aka starting operation bulimia very soon/officialy turned off from my space/my cousin is a super model...she is gorgeous and it runs in the family/full size bed is EXCELLENT, it has give be a new found respect for the world/Going to see the new vampire movie, with me, myself and I tomm/I think that I too...have luv for NY/...........

Check my cousin pullin covers:

Trya betta recruit her soon, before she blows up.

Thats how my Family Rolls SON.


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Iheanyi said...

funny...i think i may be seeing that movie solo too.

also, that's very funny that you've resorted to hair slavery...i'm oppress my hair sometimes from depriving it a brush. i call it the BBB (bru brush ban) which already tells the story 'no brush'