So...I gotta share.

Some time yesterday...i changed the status on my facebook profile. I was inspired by some jay z song.

So as a whole it said:
"Shaun Williams is running for President...probably paint the white house black if it were my resident."

and facebook wall discussion ensues....

Kellen writes on my wall: "can i be the speaker of the house?"

Me: "indeed. But u must speak in only african dialect. I prefer the one with tongue clicks. Can u learn it in time for elections?
cause if so ur on the ticket."

KELLEN: "click click ungamo clickity click clack bottootto. (that means Williams/Segura 08)"

this is an example of the people I live with.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love it lol. can i be your stylist? thx.

ps - make sure you paint the outside of that house. it's so...plain. i think black would send a message lol