We Made You. Eminem.

Didn't we already cover this...like 10 years ago. Same sh*t different decade. Dress up in drag and talk trash about people you don't know. It was funnier back then. My opinion.

VIA animalnewyork


golublog said...

While I love the brett michaels is bald part. It is a little old considering that celebrities change as fast you make fun of them these days. He needs to do the song on twitter. People need something current every second.

kiss my black ads said...

good call. I'm not even watching it. I still don't get why people think he is so good.

kiss my black ads said...

Ok I lied, I went ahead and watched it.
Is it me or does em look like andy dick.

shaun. said...

makes him look like a dick. he just crawled out of a sewer somewhere after 7 years and he thinks he can start reaming on people...like they remember who he is. ridic.

kiss my black ads said...


True indeed. Man that's funny. Its like he's somehow one of his own victims.