Covering July 2.

Sarah Palin's book cover. Hitler youth unite.

Season is going great thus far. "Sookie" (Vampire Bill's voice).

James Franco is...different. I'm just gonna say it. I kinda want to be his friend.

GaGa looking wierd. As usual.

Michelle might not be able to ever be famous for anything but singing in Destinys Child, ever agin for the rest of her life. But she sure can take a photo. Se actually looks good all anorexic-ky.

I miss the old Lindsey Lohan.

Deja Vo: I mis the old Lindsey Lohan.

Now, whoever picked the final picture either really hated Lebron (looks like a chocolate frog that takes the shorter bus), or had not selection to begin with. I mean....they all look like profile pics from black planet....but Lebron is particularly awful looking. No?

I like Ryan Reynolds as mush as the next person....but as the Green Lantern. Im not sure he can carry a movie all by himself.

Janelle Monae is on Diddy's label? For real? (icky face).


Craig Brimm said...

eeeeeee-yep, so fer he's ben let'ner dew huur thang, nah-mean.

shaun. said...

bad for business. diddy is known for killing artists.