Mad Men, Season 4 Review.

Madmen Season 4 kicked off last night. And I thought it was good (granted I was still riding the high fro Trueblood). But, still...it was a great first episode. We know that "the dudes" split from Sterling Cooper to open their own shop, and this episode gave us a glimpse of what it takes to do such a thing. It showed the free-for-all pitches. The internal arguments between management. But most of all it showed us that good creative is not the "be all and end all" to running a successful business. They had the name, "Draper" and they had the creative talent. But they didn't have the reputation. They didn't have the agency culture. They were missing...the swag.

And without that...they are just another small shop that does nice work. And that's a truth that holds true today. Which is why I watch the show. To see the parallels in advertising from back then to now. That...is what is so genius about it. I really could give two sh*ts about Don's personal life. It's the fact that they nail timeless agency truths left and right. That same swag that makes young creatives today fixated on shops - it has to be established. Are you a "fuck off, we do creative shop" or are you a "Yes maaam shop"? The quality of work will always follow once agency figures out - their personal swag.

And as for the women of Madmen: Betty is still a soulless bitch who hates her children. Peggy had got a new haircut to match her new found confidence. And Joan is still the hottest red head chick I have ever seen in real or made up world since Wilma Flinstone. And she's got her own office now. Zing!

P.S. I tried to do a review without spoiling anything, for those of you who are too cool to watch premiers on their actual premier days.


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