Tree Hotels in Sweden.

"The Treehotel, run by Britta and Kent Lindvall, is a cooperative concept between well-known designers and architects. The result is a unique collection of hotel rooms (6 completed and open for booking as of this month) perched up in the pine trees of Northern Sweden. The concept "live in a treehut" is given a new dimension, created in harmony with nature and ecological values and is built on the philosophy to find another way to experience the value of a forest rather than cut the trees for industrial use...."

This is a cool concept. Take that thing that is a childhood staple (a tree house) and sell it. People are nostalgic like that. The one I'm featuring here, I think is the coolest of the lot with mirror outsides so that you see the reflection of the forest only. The actual space inside is.....eh. But if I was ballin, I would totally fly to Sweden and book a week or two.

The only short coming....it's in the middle of the woods. You are stuck in this fucking hotel room in the trees. Perfect scene for a scary massacre movie involving running through the woods chased by a swedish crazy with a chainsaw. And you know non virgin and black people are the first to go.

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