7 Sacraments: The Linkdown.

1. Meet Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Cosby.

2. Palin just wont go away. Her and Ice Cold Couric should have a steel cage match. "Cause Katie...you aren't the center of the Universe." Meow...Cat fight.

3. There are certain things a mom just shouldn't know about their kids (especially a decade after their death)

4.  Remember that Panda that is on When Animals Attack? Well...he is still attacking. But interestingly enough people aren't learning a lesson. Dont hug the f*ckin bear!

5. Ever wonder what a dildo with a cigarette looks like?

6. Youtube commentors are douchbags. If you are one...this is what you sound like. Douchbag. 

7. Coolio sorta had an orgy at the age of 12. Wait...why is he on Big Brother UK? Wait...is that Latoya Jackson?  


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