Good Idea. Bad Idea.

Movie Edition:

Good Idea:
"Last House on the Left"

It's a remake. I didn't see the original, but everyone seems to be calling this one "soft" in comparison. But what ever...the only reason why this is a good idea, is because of the scene at the very end. Is it bad that I have always wondered what someone's head getting cooked in a microwave would look like? **Evil Smirk**

Bad Idea:
"Fighting" with Terrence Howard and Channing Tatum
Fighting trailer in HD

Terrence Howard impression aside (f*cking spot on), this looks like a sorry  mix of Step Up, You Got Served and Save the Last Dance- but there is no dancing. But the preview makes me think there will be dancing. But there isn't. I may have been too busy bopping my head to the generic hip hop beat to catch the grittiness of the underground fighting. But I did see that fly honey who surprisingly falls for the underprivileged white kid who can only afford to sleep in a twin sized bed. According to movie rules, Tatum should also have a negligent parent and a younger sibling that looks up to him. Remember when interesting movies about something use to be made? I don't. "Let's call the movie Fighting, because it about fighting."<<<

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George said...

interesting new film preview, once again the blockbusters glorify fighting!! What agency you at in NY, im an AD student in the UK