Objectified. Truly about nothing but Objects.

The same director who made the design documentary "Helvetica" (truly about nothing but Helvetica the typeface) has a new "movie" coming out called "Objectified." How exciting....

Let's put aside the fact that this is the most boring promo ever made, shall we. I tried to watch "Helvetica." And I fell asleep. And I'm not talking about that "tried to watch and fell asleep," when you try really hard to stay awake. I'm talk about that "tried to watch and fall asleep," when I willingly closed my eyes as if I could still absorb the information through my eye lids. And when I woke up...I simply turned the dvd player off. No remorse at all. I know...I'm a bad art director. But someone should watch "Objectified" for me and tell me what's up. Any takers?

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Mister Maya said...

I'll take you up on it. I never saw Helvetica. My friend Kathryn and I are supposed to watch it together. I will wear my jammies for it, now that I've been warned.