Pepsi vs. Coke (an epic battle).

Pepsi sure has been working hard to push their Logo down our throats.  In the meantime, I've have taken to convincing the world, starting with  my roommate on the B train, that it was indeed intended by Pepsi to look like a butt crack (without the crack). As Kelly pointed out...they have decided to ride the Hope Wave, like many other brands. But they also have this evolution thing going on. Check their new spot. 

They seem to be trying to make the consumer forget what the logo use to look like (which I guess is kinda smart). Has the evolution idea been done before? Yes, it's been beaten to death and done better...especially by soft drinks. In comparison...a new Coke spot says a whole lot with no words. 

It's unfortunate that both teens now have ink poisoning....but come on. There is brilliance behind this spot. I don't agree with everything that happens within the minute, but there is some serious consumer connection. 

So to the point of this blog post: Pepsi is loosing ground creatively-in my opinion. In the midst of trying to affirm their new logo and justify it's presence...emotional connections are being lost through their light hearted "we've been drinking Pepsi for years." Pepsi is loosing ground simply because they had the bright idea to redo their logo. So, as I sit on the "B", bombarded by type ads in which the letter "O" has simply been replaced by a new logo, I don't feel bad asking strangers next to me if they a plumber's ass crack. I've got no connection to the brand. But boy oh boy is that one good looking logo. Oh yeah...and your new bottle still looks like a penis

via makethelogobigger (where i saw the spots)


kiss my black ads said...

I'm just not feeling it. Now, because we are in the industry we may over think it but, boy I can't get into it. I have tried. Maybe they are doing a new coke and re-release the old version or something. I wish they would explain why it is the way it is. what the heckle is that supposed to be???

Make the logo bigger said...

Yeah, creepy ink aside, the Coke spot was at least a more cool, connective moment between two people rather than a mega brand trying to tell me I should feel happy.