This, is why I don't go skiing.

And here I thought my new year was getting off to a craptastic start. But no, someone always has to one up me. Below are pics of a man who got on a ski lift with his kid, fell out, was de-pantsed and left dangling upside down showing his privates to everyone on the slop for like 15 minutes. Embarrassing? Yes. Will he get mucho dinero from it? Yes. Sometimes you have to weigh these things out.
Mental Note: Always make sure you have the upper body strength to do atleast one upside down crunch. Always! More un-censored pictures here (but really, you can guess what happens to a man's junk when it's exposed to cold air for a half hour-cant you?).


Cas Ruffin said...

AAAAAAAWwww man, that guys needs some pants his size.

Kiss my black ads said...

Damn! One crunch indeed!