I Love Vampire Flicks.

I also have a tendency to enjoy a good lesbian flicks. The thing about lesbians is that they aren't as consistent as say...dragons, ninjas or zombies. Lets face it, alot of lesbians are just drunk girls (or vampires) looking for attention or they are confused/fighting the system girls (or vampires) lacking a father figure when they grew up. If we found a way to work dragons, ninjas and zombies into this thong, we would have a pretty solid movie I think. Perhaps 300 Vampire Ninjas vs. Lesbian Zombies from Sin City doing battle on Middle Earth with Mary Poppins reffing. 

Can we say Oscar? 

P.S. In the meantime, here is the trailer for the new Street fighter movie based on Chung Li's life. I'm assuming that kids today are not into Street Fighter like those of the early 90's (me), but that preview was pretty weak and does not bring back the nostalgia needed for me to drop $12 on 42nd street. Unless they are trying to evoke the nostalgia I have for decent movies.

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