7 Things About Me.

I’ve been tagged by Jane from Dear Jane Sample to reveal 7 things about myself and in turn tag 7 more people to do the same. I saw this circling around other blogs and I hoped that I would not have to partake for 2 reasons: 1.) As this is not a myspace posting....I stopped trying to be too personal on this blog some time ago for fear of boring people to death  2.) I'm pretty sure my daily rant and raves have left little to no secrets about me to be conveyed. I am not all that interesting of a person (I just play one on the Internet). 

Yet...I accept this challenge. 

1.) I have an incredible love for the movie Mary Poppins. Like an undying, always entertained, I will fight you love. 

2.) I kid you not...the Beijing Olympics of 2009 was the most fun I have had watching TV in my entire life. I literally lived for them (as you could tell by my blog back in the summer). But my blog was literally only 20% of the fanaticism. What you don't know is that I planned my life around the Olympics. I found PCs (NBC is not mac compatible) at my office or left the office aimed for the local bar and watched events during the work day. I wrote down notes for things to blog about (I am normally not that organized). I downloaded a widgets and followed Japanese websites. I hate Michael Phelps and was obsessed with the Gymnastics portions of the games-- literally my soaps. I have a weird semi-celeb addictions and the games fed it like a fat kid at a cake factory. I will stop here...before I embarrass myself. 

3.) I don't say half of the things that run through my mind...for fear of freaking people out. And most of the thoughts are just obscenely ridiculous. 

4.) I am Bermudian.

5.) There are only two things that make me nauseous in the entire world: 1. Cabbage-the small and taste and 2. Broken bones (seeing the break happen or the direct after effect of the break). I can handle anything else. 

6.) I have a horrible addiction to zip up hoodies/sweaters. I will and can always buy one if given the option. I usually have to talk myself out of it. But as a present...it will always be in (in my book).

7.) I didn't always want to be an art director. As a kid, I wanted to be a farmer. Then I wanted to be a professional tennis player (I was and am really into tennis). In middle school I wanted to be an Architect, but Trig/Log/Calc in highschool killed that idea. I went to college thinking I wanted to go into Advertising, but I did not know what field. I originally thought I would go into account because (at the time), I was a great writer and I thought I could still use my creativity and the job would still be stable. After my first internship in the traffic department of a small Boston agency I realized I wanted to be a creative but never really committed until my final year in undergrad. I had a real fear of the lack of diversity (especially in the creative department) and honestly...my parents supported me and told me to go for my dream (even though they had no clue what that dream was or consisted of). So, I can thank the rents for where I am today, but it all started with wanting to own some cows and a few chickens- an aspiration I kinda still hope to accomplish. 

OK...now its my turn to pick 7. Although Jane took alot of the people I would've picked, I will do my best to keep this ball rolling. BTW The following people were chosen on a loose scale of  writing ability, availability, knowability and the reality that they will actually do this.

A at Bella on a Budget (perhaps this will start her blog...after she puts up my header)

Risk Continuum at Urban Prestige

Maya at Smart Aches

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Damn...I need a cigarette after all that typing. Cheers!


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Please, how are you not interesting? This list just proved it.

The list wins.