life lesson:. blog pause.

Ok kids...in an effort to stay honest and increase my ability to help myself...I have decided to share. New York has a 10% unemployment. And I was just recently added to it through no fault of my own. Yes...this blogging fool has fallin victim to today's economy. I'm out on my ass. Living in NY....ridiculous rent....and hours of "free" time.

So...I'm putting this blogging thing on a hold. I'm gonna try to get my life together. If I see something truly inspiring, I'll post it. And more on "being let go" later. Promise.

Oh....and as a side note....when Bush was president....I always had a job. 
Ha! How many of you just lost respect for me? lol

Seeya soon.


Catcher In The Rye said...

Good luck dude!


hey man I love reading this blog, I do hope you get another job soon , best of luck to you.

marius said...

Hope you will be ok.

Risk Continuum said...

stay strong man. cant wait for you to start posting again.

Cas Ruffin said...

Dude that sh*t sucks. You'll bounce back mayn.

Ly + Alan said...

Sucks about the job -- you'll get another one soon. I have some contacts for some agencies in NYC let me know if you want 'em.

And love reading your blog =)


Scorned Woman said...

Good luck finding another job!

I live in NY too. My daughter has been a teacher for the board of ed for two years and they're talking about getting rid of a lot of people. You know it's bad when city jobs are being cut.

Mister Maya said...

whaaaat. happened?!