LOST. It's back.

Alright...now I can give my Wednesdays back to TV. Forget friends and family. Forget social activities. Forget everything. LOST is on it's 5th season and they are playing the time travel card. I had a roommate in college who wanted to be a screen writer and we had an intense discussion about the logistics of time travel. So...I'm a bit of a skeptic when things enter into that realm. But I will suspend my disbelief, because I know I need to keep my brain clear for the other curve balls J.J. Abrams is going to throw at me. 

But you know what? I am still awaiting an explanation for the smoke monster....

Other shows that occupy my winter life (aka embarassing, I guess I'll share anyway): 90210, Bad Girls Club, Real World, Nip/Tuck, Mommas Boys, Big Love, Dexter, Tool Academy and very new to the list....Degrassi-Canada's youth (Jane)!

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