Oh Yeah...the new Miss USA ( terrorist can be sexy too).

Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih won Miss USA 2010 contest this past weekend. She is Arab American....gasp. I see you Donald. Half of America died on Sunday night. But hey....she is hot as far as I can tell. Two days later, and pictures have already surfaced of her taking part in a pole dancing contest. Gasp #2. Which is like a prerequisite for every American girl who owns a camera. In theory, this should be a positive thing. I'm not sure how much more "American" one can get than going to a Gentlemen's club.

The more important story here (and I've been holding onto this one for a bit) are the sexy photos that came out of all the pageant contestants in lingerie as sort of a promo to the show. "Fans" allegedly did not like the idea. A study has shown that none of those "Fans" were men. Check out a few below. And see the rest here.

This is how you promote a pageant show. Give those Victoria Secret bitches a run for their money. I see you Trump.

SIDE NOTE: Kudos to me for having three hot girl posts in a row (yes I'm counting the sexy rendition of Ariel as a sexy girl post).

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