A PSA i don't appreciate.

Warning: This is an Opinion post.

Ok, I'm going to break from my routine for a quick second. I want to make sure I get this straight. A group was created, I Need A Freakin Job (INAFJ) for the sole purpose of making a PSA and encouraging a social movement that asks the president of the United States to personally supply them with jobs?

Cause you know...he is the sole person holding you back. The President alone, holds to the key to your personal success. In a country that prides itself on democracy, the allotment of government and a free market of supply and demand, some how the President (this President who was just elected after years of a mishandled presidency and an unsanctioned economy) should give you a job.

How about you go look for one, instead of asking for handouts. Handouts that you probably cannot mentally grasp the repercussions of. Maybe you should update your resume instead of poorly designing and producing advertisements that make it seem like you live in a third world country under the regime of a dictator who is holding jobs from you. I'm so tired of people talking out of their asses instead of trying to understand the issues that cause and regulate the situation we are in.

And if you are all unemployeed....how did you pay for that bill board? ::side eye::

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