Hump N Grind

hey readers. Happy Humpday!
todays playlist is inspired by this weekend. guess where im going.
Though most songs are obvious Let me tell you why they made the cut.

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1. "Everybody from the best side, I’m reppin' the Midwest right" i love this album
2. this is a big DUH. he says "Im from the city in the midwest." chicago is the only city in the midwest
3.Oh this song is so sexy... "It’s the joy, and the pain, and the bites and the brain"
4. the Cool Kids are just that. "
5. bhahahhahahah!!!
6. Oh really ??? hahaha
7. "Maybe, do you remember when fireworks at lake Michigan"- why yes i do
8. this band has to be on here. and this song has been sampled so many times, no wonder why i like it.

1 comment:

shaun. said...

loves me some kanye "homecoming"