London Olympics, Strike 2 (or what ever game they play across the pond...cricket?).

Ok, so remember when everyone was making fun on London's 2010 Olympics logo? Well in an attempt to win the world back....this is thier second step in branding. Every Olympics needs mascots, I guess. The Olympic mascot on the left is named Wenlock and the Paralympic mascot on the right is name Mandeville.

I just dont know where to start. Should I make a Barney reference? Or a Real Monsters joke? I mean....it's one thing to come up with a horrible logo to represent an international historical event, but it's a completely different crime to get wasted at the local pub, stumble home only to puke your brains out all night, and then use the remnants of the inside of your toilet bowl as creative inspiration.

That's just obscene London. Obscene.

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Mas Assassin said...

Haaaaaaa ha ha haa!