Archandroid. Janelle Monae.

Wow. I cant even begin to tell you guys how fresh this album is. Janelle Monae has done it again with her sophmore album, Archandroid. Talk about new music. She hit us early with Tightrope and Coldwar just to wet our whistles, but the album as a whole needs to be discussed. Every. Single. Song. Is different and unique. I cant even classify this in a genre. I want to say it's R&B, but that's like saying Aretha is only the princess of soul.

Just when you think you know how a song is going to play out, she switches it on you- makes it better. She is truly an original artist with her own approach to music. Below are a few of my favorites...but the entire album is beautiful. The type of music that artist just dont make anymore.... I might just buy this album. Yikes!

"U will not be disappointed. Ms. Monae has conquered undiscovered territory. This album will go where none have gone before. U might not be ready for it now...but when it hits and we are awakened all our lives will change and our eyes will be opened. Our nostrils will flare to that funk that we have been all been missing."

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