The Linkdown.

2. The the most thoughtful/suckiest gift ever. Do me a favor...when in doubt, buy me a pair of jeans- always a win.

3. Veloceraptor season is here. Are you ready?

4. Rev Jackson is sick and tired of how advertisers boycott urban communities. This just in Rev Jaskson....the advertising idustry could care less.

5. The Marriot says Rape is your fault ladies. Maybe you should know martial arts and dark alleys wouldn't be so dangerous. Ok, the last part I made up. 

6. Mad Cocktails for Madmen (and women...I guess).

7. High Fashion Mortal Kombat

8. 90% of US currency has traces of Cocaine all over it. Rolled up dollar bills to use drugs is allegedly what Americans are good at. 

9. But when all is said and done, atleast we don't have legal cocaine bars....I'm sorry, lounges

10. Ok, first blog rule ever.....DONT CALL PEOPLE SKANKS. Apply this skanky rule to your skany skank lives, you skanks.

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