Woodland Creatures, gettin it in....

Craig at KMBA wrote some really deep sentiment's about the above video. Something about art and hip hop feeling real when used by advertisers. It also has something to do with fashion *shoulder shrug.*  If you want to get all indepth with it that's cool. If you just wan't to see some gangsta animals do some gangsta sh*t to a cool song....just play the video above...lol.

Oh and this is the real song called Awesome by The Bloody Beatroots. It's pretty sick...AND i got to discover a new genre of music called "death disco" this morning (according to you tube users, that's what it's called). "Death Disco" and all the songs and videos by The Bloody Beatroots I saw where accompanied by comment like:

"it's puuuure ecstacy."


"they must be just handing out pills at this concert"

YouTubers are kinda weird and unreliable. But I must agree this is some heavy foreign sh*t man. I think it's Italian. But I'm gonna go ahead and put my ignorant American hat back on and not do anymore research. I have town hall meetings to go to (armed and loaded). 

But to the point of this post...hood animals getting it in. Thanks to Craig, I'm NOW up on This.


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