"Domestic violence is an increasing and severe problem in China. Around 30% of households in the country, or 80 million homes, suffer from some level of domestic violence. The situation is too often ignored and people continue to suffer in silence. The China Association against domestic violence is calling on people to pick up the phone and uncover domestic violence. "

So what did the CAADV do to fight this growing problem? They sent direct mail pieces to people's home that looked like a regular card, but then through some crazy print production miracle unfold to show a 3-D scene of women getting the sh*t beat out of them. The line translates to: Cover It or Uncover It? Now, I have no problem with this piece at all. Besides the ridiculous claim that they prevented 2376 possible domestic violence incidents in China, that I simply do not believe at all. Oh and there is that possibility that these mailers simply give abusers ideas (where exactly do they get the mailing list from? Is is random...cause that's a great idea...sending how to beat you wife manuals straight to the abusers home home). 

Ok, maybe I do have a problem with this apparatus

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