For my design readers...let's get it on.

A snippet:
Ps: Illustrator is like that shitty kid you grew up with that always breathed through his mouth and really liked drawing these illustrations of half naked woman with huge boobs… wishful thinking illustrator. The fact of the matter is Photoshop is way more relevant in the lives of the majority of creative people out there. PERIOD. Face the facts, go back to your corner and play with your pen tool.

Ai: Photoshop you ignorant slut! Bloated obsolete relics like you and Print Shop need to know when your time has passed. Oh, but let’s all cling to an aged and decadent past. You can “paint” in Photoshop. You think this somehow pays tribute to the Renaissance masters. I’m afraid not. If Leonardo da Vinci were alive today he’d bitch slap you and all your air-brushing users. His entire generation was pushing forward, innovating, advancing. The only advancing You’ve done in two decades is to steal my tools! If Michelangelo were alive today he’d be using me. Why? Because the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is HUGE! Only vector graphics are equipped to handle such a large surface. You would wet your pants and go crying to mommy if you were faced with a canvas that big. So, let’s place Photoshop where it belongs: in a time capsule.

my opinion...my heart beats for a good Photoshop challenge. It's my life blood. But as my "design" life evolves....illustrator does come into more and more practical use. Still, in the end.....I choose photoshop. What do you guys prefer? And why?

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c5w807 said...

Okay interesting scenario, Photoshop versus Illustrator. In my 12 years as a designer/art director I've encountered many colleagues that would go one way or the other. It always amazed me that some people could create amazing photos with the Shop, but put an Illustrator vector in front of them and they cry like a baby and vice versa. Personally I've used and mastered both in my career. Each has it's place. I shake my head at people who design logos in Photoshop. Just a note, a bevel and a lens flare do not a logo make. Each has it's strengths. I use the two applications in tandem. I like to draw some cool shit with Illustrator and then bring it into Photoshop and ad some realistic texture and lighting and boom, you never even knew it started it's life as a vector. Instead of viewing them as Autobot vs. Decepticon I lke to think of the two as Constructicons that combine to form Devastator an unstoppable creative powerhouse.