Movie Time: Knowing is Half the Battle.

A little GI Joe love before the movies drops this Friday. I saw Transformers 2 and Harry Potter (ummmm, order of the Phoenix, Azkaban, Monkeys) and sofar nothing has beat Star Trek. Transformers was very entertaining. When you mix in shots of Megan Foxx running in slow motion in between explosions and gunfights and then add in  2 slightly stereotype robots that make you say "I'm slightly offended" in your head and then briefly make the faint innuendo of robot testicles...all in 2hrs and a half, you get a fairly decent flick that was better than the first. 

About Harry Potter. Well...the actors are like 85 years old now and still in that f*cking school saving the world. Don't get me wrong. I liked it. The actors are learning how to act now, and aren't just kids who read lines. The special effect were on par. But I just cannot wrap my head around the lack of Magic police. I mean....if there is this whole magical society...school, careers, industries....where the hell are the police? And why does this one bad guy keep getting away with stuff with no help from the police. Anyway...

On a different note. Disney has got a new project in the works. I never quiet understood the love for this story. Girl with a weave lives in a tower. Dude climbs weave. And that's it. But hey...I'll see it. 

Speaking of weaves, it seems as if Chris Rock was just sitting around one day, watching School Daze, and got an idea. And of course...HBO would support him. Check out the promo for Good Hair

As Craig so eloquently put it... "This film is rated: FDLS for fried, died and laid to the side (White friends ask Bernadette in accounts receivable what that means... use your friendly voice)."
LMAO. It's funny because there is always one black lady in accounting. But really...who knew that India's main export was human hair. That's really gross. 

Ok, I'm done. 


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Cas Ruffin said...

You need to make like my hair, and relax.